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.. supers dc rep. mario diaz-balart (r-florida) rep. raul grijalva (d-arizona) fernando pizarro, washington d.c. *+ la inmigracion esta definitivamente de regreso en el congreso. ahora 1 congresista republicano lanza 1 proyecto que espera tenga apoyo bipartidista el 2013. rep. mario diaz-balart (r-florida) para los republicanos que lo han utilizado como tema de campana, creo que ha sido muy destructivo para los republicanos. pero creo que el presidente, que de nuevo ha utilizado el tema como tema de campana y nunca lo ha querido resolver, creo que ahora ha prometido 1 vez mas que va a ayudar a resolver el tema. creo que republicanos y democratas tenemos que llegar a 1 solucion integral. el plan tendria varios elementos basicos que deben cumplirse. rep. mario diaz-balart (r-florida) proteger las fronteras. numero 2, de los temas mas pequenos y menos controversiales. los muchachos, muchachas que estan aqui que los han traido sus padres, como son las visas altamente tecnicas. para despues lidiar con los millones de indocumentados. rep. mario diaz-balart (r-florida) tenemos que tener 1 proceso
consulado, dice el senador de la florida, marco rubio. >>> el exdirector de la cia, dijo que lamentaba las circunstancias que llevaron a su renuncia. >>> como mencionaba lourdes meluzá, david petraeus habló hoy del ataque al consulado de estados unidos en bengashy, pero no dijo casi nada del escándalo que le costó el puesto, jill kelley y el agente del fbi que inició la investigación, tienen mucho que contar, lourdes del río con la información. >>> el agente del fbi que inció la investigación que eventualmente condujo a la renuncia de david petraeus, dijo que esta foto sin camisa fue un chiste que envió a conocidos y amigos, aún así , fue retirado de este caso tan delicado. >>> en la primavera pasada, paula broadwell le escribió a david petraeus que tuviera cuidado con jill kelley, el general john allen le envió también el correo quien de inmediato decidió contactar al director del fbi y ponerlo al tanto de la situación, mientras más se indaga en el caso, se sabe más de jill kelley, opacando a paula broadwell. >>> la supuesta víctima tiene más espuelas que la agresor
with the c.e.o. of florida-based bank united. >> tom: that and more tonight on nbr! $4.5 billion and guilty pleas to charges of manslaughter and lying to congress. that was the admission today from b.p. two and a half years after the "deepwater horizon" disaster in the gulf of mexico. that disaster killed 11 people and led to the worst oil spill in u.s. history. inits guilty ple b.p. saidt deeply regrets the loss of life and almost five million barrels of oil that into the gulf. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: justice department officials hope today's settlement and criminal pleas will bring justice to the families of the men who died when the "deepwater horizon" exploded. >> perhaps the greatest tragedy is that the deaths of the 11 men on board the "deepwater horizon" could have been avoided. the explosion of the rig was a disaster that resulted from b.p.'s culture of privileging profit over prudence. >> reporter: b.p. has agreed to plead guilty to 11 counts of felony manslaughter and one felony count of lying to congress. in addition, two b.p. supervisors on the deepwater rig have been
can beat florida state tomorrow. the seminoles were once a national championship favorite. maryland, well, you know the story, battered like no other team in history. four quarterbacks down, leading rusher down, a promising season, gone. now, florida state is a heavy favorite tomorrow. maryland has countered by unveiling these black uniforms. maybe they'll be invisible tomorrow and the seminoles won't see 'em. they need it. >>> the terps are going to need it bad. >> we've got to play a perfect game. if we wanna have a chance to win, we gotta play a perfect game and we gotta make sure we get turnovers against them. that's what we're gonna have to do. >> hmm. that and a whole lot more. >>> all right. on maryland's campus tonight, the hoops team gets back to work. brooklyn in town. not must-see tv but a chance for them to get some much- needed work in before the schedule gets a lot more serious before the end of the year. >>> finally, it's time for our jersey giveaway. you see the ladies and gentlemen over there wearing rg3's jersey. from now until the end of the season, go to facebook
five days. >> i traveled from florida. >> i flew from houston. >> it's really cold. >> you could start a fire by burning some of the books. >> for our next video, we're going to -- not kidding. there's something on your back. >> are you kidding me? you're totally lying. >> no. >> are you kid inning are you kidding? >> no, i'm not. >> in her hair. >> are you being dead serious right for you? >> i'm totally kidding. >> that's what this next video is all about, from vitali, a prankster we had on our show before in florida. he's going around to strangers and saying oh, my gosh, there's something on you. >> you've got a green spider in the back of your hair. it's going in the back of your shirt. no, your shirt. >> is it gone? >> no. >> it's going in your shirt. >> get it out. >> i know how that feels? >> sorry. >> no, it's gone now. just kidding. we're filming a prank. >> [ bleep ]. >> she wasn't very happy. >> no, she wasn't. >> man, the power of suggestion. i love that. >> this guy comes up with good pranks. people believe him and need help. >> now you're asking some stranger to help you
and southern florida. it's going to be chilly across the northeast but not looking at any rain at all. in fact around the great lakes upper midwest it's very quiet. a series of storms will be moving into the pacific northwest all the way down into central california. we're talking about rain, wind and mountain snow. you can see the colder air diving in across the rockies here. 41 degrees in minneapolis. that's about it. but warmer air starting to build through the nation's heartland, down across the southern plains. we'll be in the 50s here around new york city. and then by saturday, saturday is still quiet but an area of low pressure will be tracking up the coast off the southeast coast. that will bring large swells, continued swells across the ouncer banks of north carolina where we're already getting some coastal erosion. also impacting rip currents so be aware of that if you're heading out into the water. hopefully not a big time of year for that. rainshowers across northern florida and into central florida. even around orlando. it's still busy in the west. we've got another cold front pus
temperaturas estarÁn mas elevadas al oeste del paÍs y en las partes llanas del noroeste y la florida las temperaturas estarÁn mas bajas en comparaciÓn con aÑos anteriores" pero a que se deben estos cambios climatolÓgicos tan repentinos?? ciertamente los factores pueden ser muchos pero uno de los grandes contribuidores ha sido la revoluciÓn industrial y el aumento de deshechos. y es por eso que se ha dedicado este di Ía a la concientizaciÓn del reciclaje" " fabricar aluminio desde el principio como nuevo genera el doble de gases de calentamien to global que reciclarlo .. no solamente aluminio sino pra cticamente cualquier material .. el reciclaje es mucho mas efectivo en el proceso de manufactura aluminio como el utilizado en refrescos de gaseosas .. y bebidas alcohÓlicas . pero el plÁstico tambiÉn juega un papel muy impornte.. y es que el hecho de que este material no se descompone con el tiempo ha ido acumulÁndo se desde sus inicios .. " las municipalidades de todo elaÍs se estÁn quedando sin terrenos para botar la basura estos son terrenos que quedan inservibles durante
n't district. florida's 15th district, arizona's2nd district. the fifth race is louisiana's third district between two republican members that will be decided in a september runoff. democrats lead in all races where the winner is still uncalled. if they prevail, the thousands this cycle will be eight seats. one of those races that was referenced in that report is congressman alan west race in florida in that 18th district there. this from the "washington times" today. state and national republican party officials are getting behind the call for the recount in all early votes in st. lucy count you florida. we're staying with this story on the b.p. spill fines that were announced yesterday. we'll go to bethlehem, pennsylvania on the democratic line. dell is waiting. thanks for the call. caller: thank you. professor kind of stole a lot of the things i was going to say, because most people don't know the perspective here. you know, one time british patroleum was owned by the british government and it took care of the whole empire people. and of course, as everything else that's attrac
. as it should. that's a memo. now for the top story, let's bring in senator sax bee chambliss from florida. joins us from washington. senator, i heard you with chris wallace and i watched your briefing and i know this is a lot of stuff you can't talk about because it was closed and all that. i'm a simple man. i'm going to walk through it with you. on september 14, c.i.a. chief david petraeus made a statement that indicated it was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a crazy videotape. that was echoed by the u.n. ambassador, susan rice. all right? that's what happened. yet cables from the c.i.a. out of tripoli, libya, say the day after it was a terrorist attack, an organized terrorist attack with heavy weaponry. so you got your own c.i.a. chief contradicting his guys in libya. am i accurate so far? >> well, you're right. the director petraeus did say a couple of days later that based on the information they had, that they thought that this was an act of violence that arose out of a protest. >> bill: okay. but that's impossible -- >> that is what he said. >> bill: yeah. but that's impossibl
-level worker at the white house, who met the kelley family on a visit to mcdill air force base in florida. >>> developing news now, a fire on an oil platform in the gulf of mexico is not expected to become an environmental emergency. the fire is out now. but rescue teams are still searching for two missing crew members. the coast guard officials say workers were using a torch to cut an oil line this morning when there was an explosion. four members of the crew were critically injured. authorities say the well was not producing oil at the time of the fire, and any oil that went into the water was probably in the pipe the crew was working on. the platform is owned by a company called black elk energy. >>> a man teaching in the d.c. area for more than 45 years is in jail tonight. he's accused of molesting students. christopher kloman is 73 years old now. he was arrested today in mclean, virginia. a woman told police kloman molested her back in 1968 when she was 12 years old. she says it happened when he was her teacher at the potomac elementary school. investigators say they sofrd kloman als
y california hallan boletas electorales en florida sin contabilizaruna mujer irrumpe con su auto en la pista de un aeropuerto buenas tardes, les habla jorge ramosla procuradora general de mexico y la de california presentan un informe que detalla el alcalce del trafico de seres humanos y las estrategias para combatirlo. empleados de la oficina electoral del condado broward, florida, confirmaron el hallazgo de casi mil boletas de las elecciones de la semana pasada que no fueron contadas. y una mujer choco su auto contra una entrada del aeropuerto internacional de phoenix y condujo el vehiculo a traves de la pista con su pequeqo hijo a bordo. mas esta tarde. ♪. >>> continuamos con más de primer impacto, asombrosas imágenes que salieron a la luz de la devastación provocada por sandy, estos nuevos videos publicadas por las autoridades muestran las estaciones de trenes inundadas por el agua. >>> así están las cosas, pero hay felicidad en el ambiente porque llegó el fin de semana, vamos a los Ángeles con nuestra querida jackie guerrido, adelante, cuéntanos. >>> así es, bárbara
for ohio and florida so the lgbt support for obama is bigger in both ohio and florida bandit is winning margin so you can credibly argue that vote mattered a lot and if you think about an election where obama loses ohio and florida, you start to think about a very different election. and then i looked at polls and said what if romney and obama had more -- the lgbt vote was 76 obama, 20 to two romney and quite frankly it has been about that -- it's been roughly 3-1. obama, that's the highest it's been quite frankly it's been high all through. but what if they split more or less evenly over romney got a little bit more? if romney had 151% of the lgbt vote he would have won ohio, florida and virginia. he would have been within four electoral votes of the presidency. so, in florida all he had to do was win a little over a third of the lgbt vote to win those states. so, while i don't think that -- in the way that we are not talking about immigration and things that republicans have to rethink their strategy on, i don't think it's quite that level of impact but a little bit of movement in the
the northern plains and much of florida looks good and even looking ahead to the weekend it's almost like one of the broken record forecasts, just day after day looks very much the same. i think you have a little more sunshine tomorrow in areas of the east and probably will make it feel nice. 60s dominate the map even into sunday. normally i don't give away the entire forecast but we have the thanksgiving travel forecast to come. >> bill, thanks. >>> coming up, the justice department brings down the hammer on b pchp over the oil s. >>> plus, 15 days after the storm, president obama returns to survey the damage and to lend some much needed emotional support. >>> plus, why vice president joe biden is moonlighting with amy poehler. you're watches "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. or protect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at legalzoom.
. >>> big changes in store for disney's magic kingdom this florida. >> there's a new fantasy land expansion. it doesn't open until december 8th but this morning we have a little sneak peek for you a preview of everything that is happening like the journey of the little mermaid. and be our guest restaurants. so the addition nearly doubles the size of this portion of the park from 11 to 21 acres. and make it the largest expansion in the magic kingdom's 41 year heftry. this is big. and they say that -- history. this is big. and they say they couldn't wait to see it. >> we are excited and bell's castle is coming soon so great. >> wow. >> and it's the first visit to disney world. >> that means they are going back. the fantasy land expansion cost $425 million so it's not a small expansion. >> one of the big attractions expanded in florida was the harry potter ride. that was at universal studios and that was a huge deal so you can imagine the expansion here is going to be bigger. >> absolutely. so a lot of kids will be even more excited to go. >> you will go aren't you. >> i booked a trip myself y
of florida scientist is still tracking the impact of the erosion on the bay. he found the oil doubled the rate of erosion in the year and a half since the spill. this july, he also discovered something else. >> this is one of the few spots on this area that actually still has visible oil on it. >> reporter: this is the oil here? >> this is the oil here. >> reporter: this charter boat captain says only half of his customers have come back. he says today's agreement is a start, but not nearly enough. >> it just seems like it was just a mistake that was overlooked by greed. >> reporter: the fine, while historic, is almost a billion less than the money bp made in just a third quarter of this year. the message from the gulf coast tonight is that it is recovering, but still there are a lot of people here who have not been made whole. the settlement solved one issue but it is far from bringing life back to normal. >> anne thompson, a space where we spent a lot of time, venice, louisiana. >>> still ahead, 17 days after sandy. the homeowners today who just got to see their homes. >>> and later
, potencialmente . >>> antes después , que se està tomando un peligro en el sur de la florida , con epidemia convertido en peligrosa algunos harian cualquier cosa or la belleza hasta dar la vida realmente es un peligro público el doctor es cirujano plástico en revertir cirugias mal practicadas casos extremos que està paciente quiso aumentar su trasero y terminó con una infeccion , enm el nivel de los pompys mariela es otro caso hoy rie ,pero la reaccion quimica de lo que la inyectaron fue mal . >>> la base de la espalda , y no fue una persona especialista , pero eso , envejecio ,e s muy común usted ve el aceite es bastant edenso . >>> el doctor nos muestra el aceite de silicona al cabo de varios años le produjo esto que le extrajo el doctor , es una culminacion de arte ciencias . >>este es u n material que està cicatrizado las intervenciones cosmeticas se convierten en una verdadera epidemia por eso en el cual son difíciles de investigar , el riesgo del consumidor pacientes quque habí inyectado 3 , 4 , 7 años antes , .>>> y después , el corazón una inflamacion los procedimientos
senador republicano por la florida marco rubio declaro que el debate sobre una reforma migratoria integral anunciado para el aÑo proximo tardara mucho tiempo... take vo ---rubio se mostro dispuesto, en cambio, a resolver inmediatament e la situacion de inmigrantes sin documentos menores de 30 aÑos a los que comparo con refugiados... ---con esta declaracion pareciera ser que el partido republicano estaria dispuesto a abordar el tema migratorio... ---ayer el presidente obama reiter que apoya brindar la posibilidad de regular su estado migratorio a aquellos inmigrantes sin papeles que no tengan historial policial, que aprendan ingls, paguen una multa e impuestos atrasados. blanca ---primera pausa pero al volver, take vo ---las autoridades lanzan una advertencia sobre una estafa que tiene como blanco a los desempleados.. take vo - cesar ---en la consulta con la doctora duperly, enterese cuales son las senales del llamado trastorno de falta de atencion... segment ends la falta de atencion es mas comun de lo que muchas personas creen.. cesar ---para decirnos como detectar este padecimiento, pa
are looking up. if you look in florida, one of the hardest-hit areas, those prices are coming back. sales are really flourishing there. out in the west, california, nevada, phoenix, 3 really hard- hit areas, have really started to come back in full swing. market time there is under 30 days in a lot of areas. > > that is really high. they actually have bidding wars going on. > > yeah. a lot of people are really selling things really quickly out there. i like to say if it's priced right and it shows well, pretty much anywhere in the country that it's kind of hotter, it's selling really quickly. > > what do you look at though as anything worrisome? do you feel that we have now turned the corner, or might we still fall back into a housing recession? > > i think some areas we have to worry about are like the rust-belt areas or areas directly correlated with maybe employment. some areas with a little bit of higher unemployment still have a little bit of ways to go. the fact is, if you're not working, you're not going to be able to buy a house. > > so, you're glad you're in real estate right now
into the village. historically ulu has not wanted snow. she is like a new yorker moving to florida but i hear she is enjoying the snow. so this is a fun day and weekend for the animals, so thank you all for that. speaking of holidays, we are trying something new this year. we are going to do wild lights. the zoo will be lit up. of course the lights will have animal and wild themes, open until 8:00. this is free for zoo members. i think it gives a chance for families and members to enjoy the zoo during the evening, so we look forward to that. speaking of winter, it is time for winter zoo camp. 's some of the campers. this is run for two weeks, run by joe fitting, vice president of education over 30 years. hundreds of thousands of kids come through the camp programs annually and informational fees can be found on our zoo web site. speaking of kids this year we have partnered with the san francisco public library. they have come on the san francisco free days. this has been wildly popular. we think the public libraries on the first wednesday, free services from the library. if the kids can't come to
interior de hamas. por primera vez desde la guerra del golfo en 1991. >> el congresista por la florida el republicano mario dÍaz-balart inicia una propuesta. dijo que para esto se ha reunido para representantes de ambos partidos para una ley que permita regularizar a los indocumentados y solucionar el problema de inmigraciÓn, sea una realidad en el futuro prÓximo. >> nuevos propuestas las condiciones en que se encuentran los indocumentados a nivel nacional, carlos botifoll nos dice para que una coaliciÓn de california la situaciÓn es alarmante. >> para lidia que tiene a su hijo preso por inmigraciÓn, no solamente el dolor que estÁ separado de sus hijos, si no el maltrato que enfrenta y la amenaza de la deportaciÓn. >> extraÑa estar con su familia, o sea, Él no puede pasar el dolor porque todos estamos aquÍ. lo que denuncia abusos extremos en donde lleva 11 meses encerrados. >> abuso verbal, abuso racista, personas que por el color de su piel son tirados contra paredes. >> la cÁrcel es operada por el condado de orange, en donde muchos de ellos violentos. no hay por quÉ mantene
about one of the military's most advanced fighter jets. an air force f-22 crashed yesterday at florida's air force base while returning from a training mission. the pilot ejected safely. the air force is investigating what caused the crash. it stopped flying the f-22 for part of last year because some pilots complained about becoming dizzy at the controls. the air force blamed the problem on a shortage of oxygen delivered to pilots. they said this summer the air force was starting to lift flight restrictions on the f-22s. >>> this morning president obama finally sits down with congressional leaders to try to reach a budget deal. leaders from both parties will come to the white house to start negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president and congress have to reach a deal by the end of the year to avoid steep tax hikes and spending cuts that could plunge us into another recession. some prominent republicans are distancing themselves from comments mitt romney made this week about the election. the gop nominee blames his loss, in part, on what he calls gifts president obama had giv
hartsfield will be fine. florida may have a couple of showers, orlando up to jacksonville and charleston. and as we head towards the northeast, even that's looking good, through detroit or pittsburgh or up to new york and boston, problems look few and far between on thanksgiving evil and that's a good thing -- thanksgiving eve and that's a good thing. tonight dipping into the 30s in town, 20s north and west. tomorrow and sunday look decent as well, maybe a little bit more sunshine tomorrow, 55, 54 on sunday, and then next week check it out, we're going to be looking at temperatures in the mid if not upper 50s and potentially over 60 by thanksgiving. we'll be back with more 9 news now at noon in just a moment. >>> we are back with c.c. williamson. she is an expert with the usda, and she's going to tell us how to really prepare great stuffing. i've been tasting it. it is so good. and how to stuff the turkey safely. so she's been sautis some onions and some celery, and you just added some -- >> some sage and thyme in here. >> oh, gosh, that smells good. >> but the most important part of th
. air force officials confirm a fighter jet has crashed in the florida panhandle. kendall air force base. they say the pilot ejected safely. happened there, which is on the coast between pensacola, more specifically right around panama city. the jet was an f-22 fighter like this one worth more than $140 million. officials say it's now littering a base runway. the main highway there also shut down. no word on the cause of the crash. more details as they come in. >>> world leaders are now taking action to try to defuse the violence between israel and hamas. coming up, what they're doing and how it's going so far. word from the white house as violence escalates. a live repor the united nations as the troops mass and threat of a ground war builds. from the journalist of fox news, this is a thursday fox report >> shep: coverage of massing forces in the middle east as israel prepares for what may become a ground invasion of the gaza strip. world leaders are monitoring the rapidly deteriorating situation there and working to prevent an all-out war. hamas claims this video shows rockets launched
horizon disaster. phil is live in south florida with more. what is the latest? phil: the search officially is continuing for those two workers. 11 of the workers that were taken by helicopter are being treated. several of them for very serious burns. the location of this oil-producing platform is 25 miles east, southeast, of grand isle, louisiana. according to investigators, the cause of the fire appeared to be workers doing maintenance and cutting pipe on the platform. oil was spilled and it sparked the fire. the oil spill in the gulf of mexico is minimal it is believed. >> the platform was confirmed shut before they started work so it was in non-production lot form at the time. phil: a lot differences between this and 2 1/2 years ago, the b.p. deep water horizon, an exploratory oil rig which point was to find oil and seal it and cap the head. this platform was established oil-producing rig but not producing oil at the time. >>trace: thank you, phil, from south florida. more "studio b" after this. 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart
in florida. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call, mr. cramer. >> sure enough, what's up with you? >> caller: i own alexium pharmaceuticals? >> people are selling that because they don't know what the tax scheme will be. i care that it's a terrific stock. wait till the end of the year and pick some up. matt in indiana. >> caller: boo-yah, cramer from the tennessee valley. >> we get calls from everywhere. yes. >> caller: i want to say hi to my 6-month-old little boy who loves your show. >> and? >> caller: and i want to ask you about qpe. >> last friday, if you recall, we had robert bemnochet. it's an opportunity. aig is cheap. it's got sandy. i already told but sandy. i like the stock. joe in michigan. >> caller: hey, jim. big boo-yah from michigan. drn, trinity industries. should i stay on or get off? >> have you own an actual rail. i don't know if karl ichan is coming after these. that is the conclusion of the lightning round! >>> let's go right to it. >> caller: jay from beautiful bainbridge island, washington. >> i wish i was there. >> caller: it's rainy. >> john in florida. >>
kelley sent several emails to her mayor in tampa florida... complaining she was receiving threats. she wrote them in the early hours of tuesday and wednesday. she said her three children are scared, and her husband can't return home from work because there's so much media blocking the driveway. she also stated the truth will one day prevail in this scandal. kelly recently called the police and asked for diplomatic protection... citing her role as honorary consul to south korea. wgn has learned that alderman sandi jackson is back in washington d-c. she got there last night because of a family health issue not related to her husband jesse jackson jr. she usually goes to d.c. on weekends, but left early because of the family health issue. sandi jackson was absent from yesterday's budget vote at city hall. jackson called in sick yesterday, making this her second missed budget vote. a year after metra's biggest fare hike ever, the transit agency board may be coming back for more- raising fares once again. the board voted a short time ago. and they voted 72 to raise the price of the tickets
highlight. people have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida. people stopped by to snap pictures or wait for a glimpse of kelly. >> this is news, because -- [inaudible] >> it's like the real housewives of tampa. >> kelley is considered a socialite in tampa. she approached the fbi in june about threatening e-mail from petraeus' mitt trespass paula broadwell. the fbi uncovered the e-mails between kelly and john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. tony? >>> thank you. whether they've been forced out or leaving voluntarily, leaders in business, government, sports, and even entertainment can face an awkward transition when they step down. while it's unclear how david petraeus' departure will affect the cia, others in the spotlight have managed to leave on top. joining us now is david heenan, a visiting professor at georgetown university, and author of the brand-new book, "leaving on top graceful exits for leaders" which is being published today. welcome to the show. boy, probably could not have picked a better week for this book to come out. >> a lot going on. lance arms
was very interesting. the same scenario for the popular vote happen for ohio and florida. the support for obama is bigger in ohio and florida and his winning margin. so you can argue that that vote mattered a lot. if you think about an election where obama loses ohio and florida, you start to think about a very different election. so then i looked at one of mitt romney and obama -- the lgbt vote was 76 obama and 22 per mitt romney. quite frankly, it has been about that -- roughly three to one. quite frankly, it has been high all the way through. but what if they split it evenly or romney just got a little bit more? if mitt romney had 151% of the vote, he would've won ohio, florida, and virginia. he would have been within four electoral votes of the presidency. in ohio and florida, all you have to do is win a little over one third of the lgbt vote win those states. while i don't think that that suggests that in the way we are now talking about immigration and things that republicans have to rethink their strategy about, i don't think it is quite that level of impact. but a little bit o
there is it a first person shooter in florida. a gun range that lets you shoot other people and a lesson in defense . joining me in the shooting range. good morning to you. dave. you can shoot actul people and they go what? explain what you are actually doing there. >> there is it misconceptions out there. we have a 40,000 air soft shoot out. family-friendly environment for family and friends to come out and play. the general dynamics corpation has had this out for decade came out with a civilian range program. we jumped on it. it is invalable for the people with concealable and fire arms to help defend themselves and their familis and put it in an outstanding training tool. you say it is great for self defense and better than shooting on the dummy on the paper when you are doing target amy. what is the difference here. you are shooting people with rubber bullets, right. >> it is not a rubble bullet it is a man-marking cart rage. like a paint ball. but it leaves a slight mark and you can check your hits. the guns are retrofitted and not something we created in a back yard. it is it a proven system
this time around or like they did in florida this time around or like they did in one or two other states this time around, those red states would send the numbers that nancy pelosi needs to become speaker again. and that's going to happen if the republicans keep thinking like mitt romney. >> you know, that's the question, ashley, and that is as you see the demographic changes, younger voters tend to be more liberal. we have a lot of hispanic people moving into the country, having a lot of kids and voting and being citizens, becoming part of the political process more than ever. and you have african-american voters, an african-american president, but there are other factors that have led them to the democratic party potentially. you see a lot of potential for the democratic party to grow. then when you add insult to injury, the other party says you were all bought, it seems to me that would just sort of fortify the democratic tendencies of the people we're talking about here. >> well, it's unclear what wing of the republican party mitt romney, you know, is going to be representing going f
for extensive communications with a tampa, florida woman. allen has denied wrongdoing. defense secretary leon panetta said today no other senior military officials appear to be involved. he spoke during a trip to thailand. >> i'm not aware of any others that could be involved in this issue at the present time. obviously as this matter continues to be investigated both on capitol hill and by the inspector general, i'm sure we'll have to wait and see what additional factors are brought to our attention. >> holman: panetta now has ordered an ethics review for military officers. he said he's asked the joint chiefs of staff to re-examine the training of senior commanders, to avoid similar incidents in the future. the 17-member nations of the eurozone have fallen back into recession for the first time in three years. from july to september the eurozone's economy contracted by a tenth of a percent. that was the second straight quarter of negative growth-- the technical definition of a recession. the netherlands saw its economy shrink the most by a dramatic 1.1%. on wall street today, stocks were dow
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